Through our long association with MS Kart and their worldwide race winning pedigree we can offer probably the most comprehensive range of chassis designs which is supported by our expertise and backed up by OE component spares made at the Prachatice  factory. Other components such as clutches chains tyres we can source and fit components to ensure your kart is to your specification and delivered to you either at the racetrack or collected by yourself.

The menu identifies and describes  each chassis class with the key technical data by chassis type as well as the range of optional performance enhancing components which can be fitted.

Lucas Racing specialises in 4 stroke kart racing and the two stroke offering is supported by The kart range is extremely comprehensive and will cover all classes as described. If you race an engine specific formula for example Rotax, Biland, TKM we have a chassis which can meet your needs. if you need to discuss just contact us and we can see how we can deliver you a race winning package.