MS Superkart


Frame Cr-Mo4 Ø 32 mm
Wheel base 1125 mm
Rear axle Ø 40 mm

- hydraulic selfadjusting K KART brakes (with automatic adjustment of clearance between brake pads and brake disc)
- K KART selfventilated cast-iron brake discs
- manual brake distribution
- adjustable front axle geometry
- adjustable front and rear chassis height
- adjustable front spoiler lift force
- adjustable rear wing lift force
- aluminium radiator inside the left side panel + additional rear radiator
- aluminium fuel tank 17 l
- brake pads available in 2 different hardness (hard S214 and medium S222)
- aluminium 6“ wheel rims

- MS KART steering wheel
- carbon-kevlar seat
- carbon-kevlar floor tray

Special accessories:

- carbon bodywork
- brake regulation remote control (operated from the drivers´position)
- data recording AIM
- AIM exhausts temperature sensors
- engine electrostarter